Monday, July 16, 2007

They're A Hazard To Yer Wealth!

Abandon hope (and coin) all ye who pass within! Precious hours will be whizz by in what seems like minutes. You will no longer be allergic to dust or small amounts of mould. Your senses will be dazzled beyond belief by the discovery of rare treasures you Simply Must Have. You will fossick with the zeal of an Archaeologist on the brink of a Major Find. You will lose the power of hearing, and develop a highly-focussed tunnel-vision.

Some considerable time later you will emerge, panting and dusty, shirttails flapping in your wake, clutching a recycled supermarket bag full o' goodies.

Where the devil would one be subject to such gruelling treatment? Where else but your friendly local Secondhand Book Shoppe!

I spent a merrie hour or two over the weekend - first perusing the shelves of a Backstreet Bookstore I discovered in the City, and then, much longer, lost amongst the mouldering piles in Gould's Book Arcade, at Newtown.

My purchases on this occasion were:

Siegfried - Harry Mulisch
The Rebirth of History - Eastern Europe in the Age of Democracy - Misha Glenny
A German Love Story - Rolf Hochhuth
Kleinzeit - Russell Hoban

And it is just as I type this (honestly) that I see the entirely unambiguous thematic connection between all these works. Heigh ho. So be it.

I'm going to make a pot of strong coffee (using my Bodum plunger whatsit, never been bothered to splash out on one of those stovetop numbers) - and read!


Blogger alexis said...

I hear the Tzchermans do filter coffee. Stick to yr plunger.

Monday, 16 July 2007 15:42:00 GMT+10  
Blogger St John Nottlesby said...

Mein Gott! The horror. Although when I was there last year they did a drinkable espresso - at least in cafes.

Monday, 16 July 2007 15:51:00 GMT+10  
Blogger alexis said...

My informant lives in Kiel, which is obviously not the epicentre of Teutonic coffee. I guess Germany has other strengths, though, like Schwarzwaldekirschtorte, which amply compensate for substandard coffee.

Monday, 16 July 2007 16:56:00 GMT+10  
Blogger St John Nottlesby said...

Indeed, and Sachertorte, and sundry other delicacies.

In Berlin the living was easy, and the coffee good. It gives a flicker of hope in my antipodean heart. :)

Monday, 16 July 2007 17:00:00 GMT+10  

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