Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not Too Shabbos...

I was flummoxed and flabbergasted in the extreme when I hove into the Prostitute's Providore (known commercially as Coles, Kings Cross) today. There, on a shelf, conscientiously not working (because it's Friday) idled a GIANT jar of Gefilte fish! A rather-too-loud "oy vey!" sprang from my lips. I cast my eye up. Further. And to the sides. Lo! I had happened upon "Kosher Korner", the small (yet crowded, in a way reminiscent of the Warsaw Ghetto) section of the giant emporium given over to the needs of the sons and daughters of Israel.

I cautiously perused said shelves and found them to contain:
tinned olives;
Shabbos candles;
Gefilte fish;
pretzels (rolled, I assume, by highly trained Rabbis - how else can they be sure they're kosher?);
matzo (yes, Mitzi, now? are they not a little late?); and
... sundry other useful things.

Gefilte fish I have no use for (oy, the stench makes me want to plotz) but I think I might go back and get some olives, pretzels and whichever of the "sundries" I deem worthy of my consumption.


Blogger Mitzi G Burger said...

I was about to say "Notts so fast, old chap, those pickles are MINE!" but, as there are so few of us kosher-inclined folk in the Cross (the Cross!) I think it wise to share the joys of our very own Kosher Korner. Now all they need is a kosher meat section in the carnivores' aisle and it'll be chicken soup and brisket til the cows come home (er, that's looking unlikely.) Believe it or not, i gave up my usual Friday night shabbas meal ticket for a night at the opera - review to be blogged.

Please change the link to Mitzy-blog on your front page to the freshly named "bloginboots", same prefix and suffix as before.

Let's have schnitzel sometime!

p.s it is just me or is there a staggering array of insanely talented and hilarious bloggers in Melbourne? Dr Harlot seems to be acquainted with some frightfully decent screen-chaps, eh what?

Monday, 16 July 2007 01:31:00 GMT+10  
Blogger St John Nottlesby said...

Oh it's pundemonium! Huzzah! And yes, now there are two, I think there'll be enough candles and whatnot to go around. The local Diaspora must have fallen on hard times indeed if they're encroaching the scabrous and stained soils of Kings Cross. What next? Goldele Finkelblatt's House o' Pleasure (Closed Fridays)?

Monday, 16 July 2007 07:40:00 GMT+10  
Blogger St John Nottlesby said...

And yes, you're entirely right, the Melbournites seem to have drubbed us soundly in the Whimsical Blogging Stakes. Are we not mixing widely enough? Is there a suitable pool of similar talent in Sydney that has escaped our notice? I fear not. These are dark days for the whimsical of phrase and vivid of imagination in this vile seaside Gemorrah.

Schnitzel sounds good. My people'll call your people and ... Wednesday?

Monday, 16 July 2007 07:42:00 GMT+10  
Blogger St John Nottlesby said...

(how many freakin' sentences can I begin with "And yes"?! Hacks ahoy!)

Monday, 16 July 2007 07:42:00 GMT+10  

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